24 March 2006

What is your leadership style?

Quote of the week - Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.
~ Dwight Eisenhower

I read a brilliant article written by Rooke, D & Torbert, W (2005) about leadership which helped me understand the actions and 'modus operatus' of one of my previous supervisors whom in my opinion was very much the opportunist unfortunately. I have also had the experience of working for a manager who was more a Diplomat, and therefore easily swayed by the opportunist. I also have had the pleasure (allbeit brief) during my working life of working for a supervisor who was of the Achiever variety. This lady was the circulation supervisor at the time & is currently the Enquiry Centre Manager. If you are a manager of staff, and experiencing high staff turnover, perhaps it's time to take a look at your leadership style, at least have a read of this article, it may just enlighten you as to why good staff don't stay. If you read the article and see yourself at the bottom leadership style, perhaps you need some formal management training. Why not keep a journal of your actions and decisions? Start a Blog, so that you can reflect on your management strategies and style, acknowledge the pattern and then work out strategies to change your leadership style - strategies which are of the Achiever or Strategist variety. After all, it's not soldiers in a computer war game, or pawns on a chess board that you are responsible for, it's real people, with real skills, real goals, real career paths which should be supported responsibly, and ethically lead and managed. As the saying goes to 'err is human' but to be repeatedly calculating and manipulative is serial-minded opportunistic leadership which needs addressing. Perhaps management is not your forte' and best left to those who are real 'management in the making' and keen to better their skills and those of their subordinates and climb the ladder of leadership styles, not the $corporate ladder. Wouldn't you ultimately like to be a Strategist? If it seems too big a challenge, then perhaps you need a career change, like being a popular magazine gossip columnist, perhaps that's where you really fit?
What's my leadership style? - Achiever who can think outside the box!
These 7 leadership styles are also discussed in the following .pdf article. http://www.nsw.ipaa.org.au/00_pdfs/cooper.pdf

Rooke, David., & Torbert, William - 7 Transformations of Leadership.
Source: Harvard Business Review; Apr2005, Vol. 83 Issue 4, p66-66, 11p,
1 chart, 2c


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