17 June 2006

What should we ask in an online tutorial evaluation form?

Quote of the week - "The less you know, the more you think you know, because you don't know you don't know." -- Ray Stevens

What should we ask in an online tutorial evaluation form?
1. Questions may vary depending on purpose, but it’s ideal to establish a picture of the respondents, how much do you want to know about the users: ages, sex, year of study, have they used an online tutorial before,
2. Look at content and determine if there are specific sections or aspects you want feedback about.
3. Do you want feedback about the ‘look’, ‘feel’ and ‘ease of use’?
4. Include instructions about how to complete evaluation and the purpose of the evaluation
5. Build a ‘thank-you’ in to acknowledge respondent’s time

Please take a moment to complete the evaluation form. Your feedback is valuable as it helps us to improve the online services we offer.
1. What is your current status?
* First year * Second year * third year * Honours * Graduate Diploma (etc)

2. How many times have you received library training room instruction at this University?
*1st time *2nd time *3rd time *4th time or more

3. Have you received library instruction at another institution? *no * yes If yes, where?

4. This tutorial will help me complete my course assignment.
*Strongly Agree *Agree *Disagree *Strongly Disagree

5. This tutorial will help me do research in other classes.
*Strongly Agree *Agree *Disagree *Strongly Disagree

1. Tell us one thing that you learned from this tutorial.

2. Was there anything that you think should have been covered, but was not?

3. Are there any sections which you would like expanded? Please be specific.

4. What parts of the tutorial were most useful?

5. Were there any parts of the tutorial which confused you. If yes, which parts. Please be specific.

1. The tutorial is well structured and logical:

*Strongly Agree *Agree *Disagree *Strongly Disagree

2. I found it easy to find my way through the tutorial

*Strongly Agree *Agree *Disagree *Strongly Disagree

Any other suggestions?

* Nothing, because it’s all bad. (Why evaluate in the first place?)
* Put it in a “staff only” report, which seems a waste of time
* Put it on the website or tutorial so everyone can see what others have to say.
* Use it to ‘improve’ the tutorial. Will you add the feedback to a database? When will you act on the feedback, once 5 students say the same thing, or 10 students?

I draw on my experience with surveys as well as other sources for my ‘posts’. I would like to acknowledge the following websites as sources of content for the evaluation form and principles of surveys discussed in this post:


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